Dog and cat Grooming at Scarlet Farm Plymouth Massachusetts
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Dog Groomer in Plymouth Massachusetts
Looking for a Dog Groomer in Massachusetts? (02360)

Grooming at Scarlet Farm offers high quality, custom dog grooming at affordable prices in a great, relaxing environment.

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Grooming at Scarlet Farm provides full service dog grooming and cat grooming services to residents who are looking for:

Dog Grooming in Plymouth Massachusetts:
Dog Grooming includes multiple baths with organic shampoo and conditioner, custom cut, thorough drying with brushout, nail trimming and ear cleaning.
Most Dogs- $40
(Some larger breeds and special case dogs may cost a little more.

Cat Grooming in Plymouth Massachusetts
Cat Grooming includes multiple baths with organic cat shampoo and conditioner, custom cut (if desired), thorough drying with brushout, claw trimming and ear cleaning.
Most Cats - $50

Additional Services:
-Pet Tooth Brushing is available for $5 with any grooming session.
-Expression of canine anal glands provided free if requested with grooming

-Optional nail grinding and buffing also available-ask for details.
-We offer a pick-up and drop-off service for residents of the Pine Hills ($10 fee)


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