Dog and cat Grooming at Scarlet Farm Plymouth Massachusetts
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Nice Things Customers Say...

"Paula, thanks so much (once again) for doing such a beautiful job with Deacon! he looks cute beyond words"
-Pat (and Deacon)

"Every time we look at Katie it's a reminder to thank our lucky stars we found you! Can't wait to see you again in a few weeks"
-Maria (and Katie)

"Where else can you get an amazing doggy cut and a dozen farm fresh eggs in the same place. I love Scarlet Farm...Thanks again for the beautiful, beautiful job on Kono."
-Missy (and Kono)

"I am so grateful to Kiley for recommending that I give you a shot at the Princess. I'm a fan for life. Just unbelievable"
-Ron (and Seesha)

If you're a customer and have something to share about your experience, please drop us a line (and please let us know if it's okay to use your comments on the website).

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